What You Need to Know About Business Acquisition Funding

Sometimes acquiring an existing business is a smart move for entrepreneurs—especially those seeking to run a business in an industry beyond their expertise. Purchasing an existing business has many benefits, and those who want to acquire an established business will likely face some funding obstacles if they don’t have enough capital upfront to pay for their purchase in full. Fortunately, RJ Funding Services (Rafter J Funding Services) now offers business acquisition funding. Following are some helpful answers to common questions about acquiring an existing business.

What are the benefits of buying an existing business?

The benefits of buying an existing business depend on your entrepreneurial goals. However, some of the most common benefits associated with this investment include the fact that purchasing an existing business means that you will acquire an established customer base along with equipment and a storefront, if necessary. In some instances, you may even acquire the business’ current employees, which can make for an easy and efficient transfer of ownership—especially where existing customers are concerned.

How can I fund a business acquisition?

In the past, funding a business acquisition was rather tricky and even today, some small business owners and those with limited capital run into problems with major financers. Fortunately, RJ Funding Services works with a network of lenders who can provide the capital needed to finance a business acquisition. While there are some important criteria that must be met for securing funding, RJ Funding Services does not have to abide by some of the more rigid corporate practices of major lenders.

What is business acquisition funding, exactly?

One of the most concise definitions for business acquisition funding comes from Investopedia, a popular online resource for entrepreneurs. Investopedia defines this type of funding as “a loan given to a company to purchase a specific asset or to be used for purposes that are laid out before the loan is granted. The acquisition loan is typically only able to be used for a short window of time, and only for specific purposes.”

Why should I choose RJ Funding Services?

RJ Funding Services is a Texas-based alternative lending company that serves clients throughout the United States and Canada. Our firm has an impeccable reputation for conducting business fairly and ethically. We believe in providing old-fashioned and personable client service so that we can build lasting relationships with our clients.

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