Three New Alternative Funding Methods from RJ Funding Services

In today’s tough economic environment, financing business endeavors has become increasingly difficult. This is because traditional lenders have become more rigid in determining eligibility for loans. By focusing on credit scores rather than a business’ receivables, many entrepreneurs—especially small business owners in certain industries—have difficulty securing extra funds when they need them. Fortunately, our team at RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter J Funding Services) and our affiliates help business owners through alternative financing programs. Our financing programs allow those in high-risk industries and those in need of fast cash, an easy way to secure the funding they need. We are pleased to add to our existing financing options like MCAs (Merchant Cash Advances) other programs including Real Estate Secured Loans, Factoring, and Asset Based Lending.

Real Estate Secured Loans

Many business owners in the real estate industry face difficulty securing capital from traditional financing programs. We offer short-term loans for real estate developers, rehabbers, and brokers. By lending on a short-term basis (usually about two years) those in the real estate industry can receive capital based on their equity in real estate holdings. This type of lending is commonly referred to as “bridge loans” or “private money.”


Factoring is a way to receive cash for your receivables—even if they have not been paid yet. This program is quite valuable to business owners’ whose clients or customers have not paid their invoices on time. By leveraging your receivables, you can receive funds from RJ Funding Services and our affiliates right away.

Asset Based Lending

When funds or tight or you need to expand your business operations, one alternative method for receiving capital is to leverage your business assets for a revolving line of credit. This financing method is known as Asset Based Lending and RJ Funding Services along with our affiliates is happy to provide this type of funding. Business owners can leverage their inventory, receivables, and assets for a line of credit up to $10,000,000.

If you want to learn more about alternative financing programs, we invite you to fill out our easy online application form or call our knowledgeable team today at (855) 461-1685.

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