RJ Funding Services Now Offers Purchase Order Financing

As one of the leading creative and alternative lending firms, our team at RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter J Funding) is pleased to announce that we have expanded our offerings to include purchase order financing. Purchase order financing is just one of our many services that help businesses in various industries stay afloat in today’s modern and sometimes unpredictable economic climate. This service is ideal for businesses that are short on cash, have unexpectedly large customer orders to fill, or need the flexibility and efficiency of alternative financing solutions.

The Basics on Purchase Order Financing

Performing a service or assembling materials often requires purchasing goods from a supplier. Unfortunately, when a business has limited cash flow, buying products—even though they are necessary for fulfilling client’s needs—can seem impossible. There is a specific solution for this problem, however. With purchase order financing, you can enlist RJ Funding Services to purchase the goods or materials you require as an advance. Once your customer’s order has been fulfilled, we will collect their payment and return the majority of it to you after we take out an advancement fee.

While the health of your business is important, we look at a few different factors when determining your candidacy for purchase order (PO) financing. The credit history of your customer is actually more important than credit worthiness. This is because your customer’s payment is how we recoup our investment.

How PO Financing Can Benefit You

PO financing is beneficial for a few different reasons. First, it allows businesses to avoid long disruptions in production due to cash flow issues. Secondly, it can provide a route for fulfilling larger orders that would previously be seen as unaffordable. Moreover, our team at RJ Funding Services will handle the collection of payment from your customer.

What to Do Next

Applying for purchase order financing is a quick process. After filling out nominal paperwork, our team at RJ Funding Services can start the approval process. Once approved, we can execute the advancement on goods so that you can get back to doing business.

To find out if PO financing is right for you, call (855) 461-1685. We serve businesses in diverse industries throughout the USA and Canada.

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